About Fjordlaks

Anita and Anders Pedersen established Fjordlaks in 1973 with the emphasis on smoked wild salmon and peeled prawns. They subsequently decided to start producing fish themselves, and the salmon and trout farm was in place in the fjord in Sunnmøre in 1976. A wish for diversify led to the acquisition of a klipfish production facility in Ålesund in 1985. The Production of Trout was sold to New owners the summer of 2016, and Fjordlaks is today only producing klipfish.

Fjordlaks has to dauther Companies. Tufjordbruket AS is in Tufjord, Måsøy community, in West Finnmark, just North of Hammerfest in the northen part of Norway. They buy and produce saltfish that will be dried to klipfish. Karlsøybruket AS is in Karlsøy community, North west of Tromsø, also in North of Norway. They buy saltfish and produce klipfish locally.

Covering an area of 30.000 m2, the Fjordlaks headquarters and modern Production plant has a central location in the heart of Ålesund, at the west coast of Norway.

Ålesund grew as a town in the course of the 19th century owing to the flourishing fish trade, a tradition that we are continuing. Today Ålesund  is a bustling town with a wide range of business specialising in marine aquaculture, fisheries and other maritime activities. The art nouveau architecture that gives the town its character is the result of the reconstruction that followed the great fire of 1904.